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HOW TO VISIT THE MUSEUMS OF BADAJOZ The museums included on the route are in the old part of the city, making it quick and easy to reach any of them with a comfortable stroll. We recommend quietly visiting one or at most two museums per day... Read more

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HOW TO VISIT THE PARKS AND GARDENS OF BADAJOZ The locations of the different parks and gardens in the city allow you to perform a tour which joins them together in a long but comfortable walk. The layout of many of these gardens within the... Read more

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HOW COVER THE ROUTE OF THE CHURCHES AND CONVENTS OF BADAJOZ We advise you follow the indicated itinerary, a route through the Old Town of the city which begins and ends at the Tourist Information Office of the Mudejar Houses, from which you... Read more

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HOW TO VISIT THE ALCAZABA OF BADAJOZ You can visit the citadel of Badajoz in a free tour, following the rampart of its wall, from which you can gain access to the different settings of its inside. Throughout the route you will find the main... Read more